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Josep and Pere Santilari are two realistic painters, who to part of being twin brothers have shared from always the same space as study. These circumstances have allowed them to develop a similar pictorial concept that has provoked that in some occasions they have painted works together.


  • The realistic painting of the Santilari brothersNowadays realism does not need to be justified, but it can become a mannierism. Accepted before out ot Spain than inside –the exhibition of "Contemporary Spanish Realists" of the Malborough Gallery was held in London in 1973- , until the middle 80s lived among us like a kind of marginal way of art, appreciated but very minority and not fashionable.



“El cuadro”
de David Trueba.

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The great technique of the Santilari brothers is more drawing than pictoric, it is based on gradation of tones and fusion of the limits. They hardly ever use the construction through colour like the Venetians or the impressionists did. The range of greys or of any other colour are valued with exact form in every zone of their pictures. If we observe with attention a cherry on their paintings we will see that in a tiny space four or five tones of the same colour coexist fused in a faultless way.

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